Intensive Outpatient Program Los Angeles

Intensive Outpatient Program Los Angeles

Drug or alcohol addiction is best treated in an inpatient residential program. However, an outpatient rehab center can be very beneficial for people with a mild substance abuse problem. This is because outpatient programs give you the freedom to continue working, studying, or attending to other responsibilities while in recovery.

At Los Angeles Outpatient, we are reputable for our intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles. We are recognized for our excellence in treating addiction. Our addiction outpatient recovery program is customized to fit the needs of all our patients. Our knowledgeable group facilitators will help you to progress positively during your recovery.

What is the Importance of Addiction Treatment?

Today, millions of people are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Quitting can be a difficult process once you become addicted. It's crucial to seek treatment for your substance abuse problem due to various setbacks and challenges that you might encounter during recovery. Here are some addiction treatment benefits:

  • It Helps Deal with Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people with chemical dependency problems put rehab on hold due to the fear of experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms. Addiction rehabs provide the right medical care and supervision to make the process as smooth as possible and ensure that your physical withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening.

  • You Get Help for Co-occurring Disorders

Most people struggling with addiction do not get the medical and psychiatric care they need to remain healthy. For that reason, many of them could be living with co-occurring mental health issues that might be contributing significantly to their addiction problem. An addiction treatment facility will be able to identify and treat any co-occurring health issues.

Do Outpatient Addiction Programs Work?

Outpatient programs are ideal for people who do not require medical detox or 24-hour supervision and care. However, you should only consider an outpatient program if you have a supportive and healthy environment at home.

Outpatient can also be used as a step-down level of care to people who have just come from a residential treatment program. This will help to reintroduce you to your everyday life slowly. Outpatient recovery programs are as effective as residential treatment programs. Active participation in an outpatient program will improve your success rate for recovery.

Choosing an Outpatient Treatment Center

When choosing an outpatient treatment center, there are things that you should consider to help you settle for the right facility. These factors include:

  • The facility should have experience in treating your type of addiction. Go for a treatment center that offers individualized treatment for specific addictions. This is to ensure that the staff has enough experience to handle the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of the addiction you're struggling with.
  • The distance from the facility to your home. Distance can be a huge obstacle to getting proper outpatient treatment. Ensure you are close to your outpatient rehab center to avoid any inconveniences.

Where to Get Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

Let us help you recover from your substance abuse problem without necessarily interrupting your work or school schedule. At Los Angeles Outpatient, we offer affordable and quality services for our intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles. Call (818) 696-5019 to discuss your needs confidentially.

Intensive Outpatient Program Los Angeles
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