Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a valuable treatment option for people recovering from substance-use. A wide variety of issues can arise because of addiction and it’s important for those seeking treatment to have both individual therapeutic support, as well as group support. At LA Outpatient, we offer a wide variety of group therapy options that work to promote healing and provide valuable insight into recovery

What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is often utilized in addiction treatment to help people overcome substance-use with a collection of people who are going through the same thing as them. Group therapy is led by a licensed therapist who poses questions or proposes a problem for members to discuss. The therapist acts as a guide and keeps the conversation productive and focused.

Types of group therapy include support groups, educational sessions, cognitive behavioral groups, skills group, and experiential groups. Group therapy sessions typically have between five to fifteen members and can be led by one or two counselors. Group therapy is similar to talk therapy, yet it utilizes the group dynamics to help members change their behaviors and thought processes.

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is one of the core aspects of addiction treatment and recovery. It is known to be an extremely effective way to promote positive growth and encourage change. Group therapy can help individuals with addictions in a variety of ways.

In group therapy, an individual is able to interact with other people who are also experiencing addiction and working on recovery. In group therapy, an individual can often relate to another person’s story, trauma, past, or behaviors. In relating to another person, an individual will feel less alone and learn that other people have shared the same experience. Sharing experiences and feelings has been shown to reduce stress, guilt, and pain for the addicted person.

Group therapy also allows an individual to find support from their peers. It helps them in building a healthy support system and finding new friendships. Group therapy can become a setting in which members learn how to avoid unhealthy behaviors and begin to practice new, healthy behaviors.

Other benefits of group therapy include: support and encouragement, perspective through discussion, behavioral improvements, diversity, and building trust and understanding. While group therapy may seem intimidating at first, it is known to be a highly effective tool for individuals who are overcoming addiction.

How LA Outpatient Can Help

Our experienced clinical team at LA Outpatient offers a variety of group therapy sessions and programs which includes family therapy, individual therapy, intensive outpatient, and aftercare. Group therapy is a beneficial treatment for those who are seeking help from addiction. If you need help with addiction, please call LA Outpatient today at (818) 696-5019.