Family Therapy

Every family is a system and each part is related. When one individual member of the family system suffers, it affects the entire family. Family therapy is utilized in addiction treatment to help families gain communication skills, heal from the past, and find recovery together. Studies show that family therapy increases an individual’s engagement and retention in treatment, reduces drug and alcohol use, and improves both family and social functioning.

At LA Outpatient, we believe that treating the entire family is an integral part of treatment. In order for an individual to find long lasting recovery, it is important they have a safe and supportive community and environment. Our family therapists understand that when one individual member of the family unit is suffering, the entire family is affected. Our therapists have special education and experience in facilitating family discussions and helping the whole family heal.

What is Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment?

Family Therapy in addiction treatment is a type of therapy utilized to help families gain communication skills and allow the entire family to recover. In many instances, the family will identify the addicted person as “the problem.” This person is a subsystem of the family unit. This means, that in order to heal, family therapy must focus on uncovering ways in which each family member can help recover the family as an entire unit.

Family therapy seeks to utilize the family’s strengths in order to develop ways to heal addiction. It also helps to mend the impact that addiction has taken on the individual and their family. Family therapy seeks not to blame one family member but rather to focus on problem-solving, communication, trust, and eliminating unhealthy behaviors.

What are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

Some benefits of family therapy include:


Addiction is a chronic brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence. Many family members are not educated on how addiction works and why it is so difficult for their loved one to stop using drugs or alcohol. When the disease model of addiction is introduced to the family, it helps them to understand how to better deal with the issues related to their loved ones addiction.

Rebuilding Family Relationships:

Most families come into addiction treatment broken and torn apart. Addiction has harmed their families in a variety of ways. There are resentments and anger that have built up overtime. However, a person with addiction, may find it more difficult to recover without the support of their family. In family therapy, families are encouraged to express their feelings, address past conflicts, and work towards building healthier communication.

Helps to Address Enabling Behavior:

If a family member is struggling with addiction, it is common for the family system to do everything they can to help them. However, there are some behaviors that could be labeled as enabling. Enabling behaviors do not help a loved one get well, but instead help contribute to their addiction. In family therapy, families will identify enabling behaviors and learn tools to stop enabling addictive behavior.

Building a Support System:

It’s imperative that the individual suffering from addiction has a healthy support system. In family therapy, the family system is rebuilt in order to be a source of support. Family therapy teaches the family the best ways to offer positive support and encouragement.

Improve Communication:

It is likely that there has been very little healthy communication in a family system that is affected by addiction. Family therapy will help to improve communication among family members.

Other benefits of family therapy include: trust-building, awareness, sharing feelings, setting boundaries and learning self-care.

The family therapy program at LA Outpatient is important to the individual who is attending our treatment program. It is also important for the family as it gives them tools and methods to help heal from the destruction that addiction has caused in their lives. Family therapy is an effective tool to help an individual find long term recovery. To learn more about our family therapy program, please call us today at (818) 696-5019.

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