Intervention Services

Addiction is a daily struggle that affects the whole family and the loved ones of the individual who is struggling with substance-use. It is difficult to watch your loved one harm themselves with the use of drugs or alcohol. In some instances, your loved one may be very resistant to getting help. If this is the case, the intervention services at LA Outpatient may be able to assist. We work with a variety of certified, professional addiction interventionist who can help you and your loved one.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a family event and carefully thought out plan designed to help your family sit down and express concerns to your loved one about their addiction. The goal of an intervention is not only to get your loved one to participate in treatment, but to also have the opportunity to change the family dynamic. This change may occur through education, boundary setting, ongoing support, and recovery planning.

Interventions are typically led by a certified addiction interventionist who will use evidence-based strategies in order to connect with the individual who is struggling with addiction. The interventionist will address fears and help the family in developing a plan to cope with their addicted loved one.

Interventions are typically used when an addicted individual is unwilling to get help on their own. A certified addiction interventionist will guide the family in stepping in and helping the addicted person recognize their need for treatment. In many instances, interventions can save the life of the addicted person and also help the family cope if the individual is unwilling to change.

Intervention Services include:

  • A plan to determine the best course of action for moving forward with your loved one
  • Education that will help the family and their loved ones understand more about addiction and the grasp that it holds over their loved one
  • Development of a plan to identify behaviors that may be contributing to your loved ones addiction
  • Development of an intervention plan that will be utilized with your loved one to support them in getting the help they need
  • A pre-intervention day in which family members meet with a certified addiction interventionist and review the intervention plan
  • An intervention performed in the comfort of your own home
  • Continuing education and support, as needed, to help your family in supporting your loved ones recovery process

If you are wondering if you should utilize intervention services and hold an intervention for your loved one, please call LA Outpatient today at (818) 696-5019. We are available to support you in your goal of helping your addicted love one. Our addiction interventionists are available to walk you through the steps of an intervention and answer any questions you may have.