Transitional Housing Austin Texas

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Transitional Housing Austin Texas

No matter the severity of your addiction, you should always ask for professional help. At Harmony Haus, we invite you to our transitional housing in Austin, Texas, for a life-changing recovery experience!

How to escape addiction for good?

There are two things you need to do to leave your addiction behind for good:

  • Join a high-end rehabilitation treatment
  • Consider transitional housing as part of the follow-up strategy

We advise you to avoid any form of self-treatment, including quitting cold-turkey. Your chances of success will be minimal, to say the least, and you risk aggravating your condition even further. Your best chance of defeating addiction is asking for professional assistance.

At the same time, you should understand that the recovery process takes time and it requires more than what you can get from a rehab facility. For this reason, you must enter a sober living facility as soon as you complete your detox.

The benefits of staying in transitional homes

The underlying advantage of the halfway housing system is that it provides what rehab facilities usually lack – stimulates patients to take full control over their lives. Transitional homes form an intermediary stage between the inpatient rehab programs and a substance-free life. It is a stage that you can’t afford to skip, thanks to the many benefits like:

No drugs or alcohol allowed – It’s no surprise that we have a zero-policy regarding substance abuse or consumption in our transitional housing in Austin, Texas. By removing all temptations, you will find abstinence a lot easier. To ensure you remain sober, drug screenings will be a critical part of the program.

Promote unity – At our halfway houses, you will become part of a friendly and exciting community of people with the same goals as yours. This will create an environment of emotional and spiritual support, as close to a family as it can get.

Stress-free environment – Daily or family stress is a common cause for relapse in recovering patients. By eliminating all the factors that may promote social stress, we have created a safe environment, where you can heal and manages your emotions better.

Developing healthy habits – The entire purpose of a sober living recovery system is to teach people how to change their lives for the better. This requires acquiring healthier lifestyle habits and becoming more confident, responsible, and mature.

When should I go to rehab?

We advise you to act as soon as you feel the first symptoms of withdrawal kicking in. The longer you’ll wait, the quicker the disease will progress. It will soon overcome your ability to exert even the smallest level of control. You must take measures before the situation aggravates.

If you suspect you may have an issue, call us right away! Our experts will study your case and determine the best course of action. When you’re stable enough, you can join our transitional housing in Austin, Texas, making sure you remain sober, healthy, and strong.

Harmony Haus is a leading name in the field of substance abuse recovery. One that you will want to remember.

Transitional Housing Austin Texas
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