Sober Living Westlake Village

Article provided by: Fairview Supportive Living

Sober Living Westlake Village

Fairview Supportive Living is an exceptional sober living in Westlake Village. We provide a safe and caring residence to help those suffering from substance abuse and mental disorders recovery and maintain independent abstinence.

What are the benefits of joining a sober living home after addiction treatment?

Maintaining a full recovery is quite a hard task to do on your own. One can enroll in a rehabilitation program to receive treatment for their addiction disorder but end up in turning back to the same addiction. The leading cause of this frustration is the kind of living environment an individual stays after completing the rehab program.

Therefore, it’s essential and recommendable for an individual to join a sober living home to strengthen their sobriety, build a healthy life, and reintegrate into society. Besides maintaining sobriety and reintegration part, there’re also more benefits you’ll enjoy from joining a sober living home, which includes:

  • Recovery support and guidance
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Transportation
  • Make sober friendships
  • Meet a group of like-minded individuals
  • Accountability, and more

Rules and regulations at sober living homes

Sober living homes provide a wide range of benefits to individuals in recovery, but these advantages come with some arrangements as well. There are house rules that the residents must comply with to live well with each other, the staff, and also the home guests. However, every sober living environment is different, and the rules vary from residence to residence as well as from state to state.

No two sober living in Westlake Village will have similar expectations of their residents. So knowing the house rules is essential before you enter a sober living home. However, below are the relatively common house rules:

  • Adhere to curfews
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Submit to random drug tests
  • Hygiene
  • No disruptive, lewd or antisocial behaviors
  • Must attend 12-step meetings and other peer support activities

An excellent sober living environment near you

Determining the right sober living home for you or someone you love can be tricky due to many facilities out there, promising the same thing. Fortunately, we stand out to be the top-rated sober home with an excellent reputation within the community and all over the United States.

When you join our sober living environment, you'll expect to receive ample benefits that'll facilitate your recovery and building a healthy life. If you adhere to our amiable house rules, you'll enjoy the serenity, support, and compassion for adequate improvement and substantial sobriety achievement.

Choose the right path toward maintaining an independent addiction abstinence

If you’re looking to joining a premier sober living in Westlake Village, choose our home and you won't regret it! We’re the right path towards achieving and independent sober life.

Are you afraid of turning back to addiction even after undergoing the inpatient addiction treatment? Fear no more because at Fairview Supportive Living, we've got a safe, sober, and caring environment to help you gain permanent sobriety. Contact us now, and we'll be glad to have you in our home.

Sober Living Westlake Village