rehabs in Memphis

Article provided by: Better Addiction Care

rehabs in Memphis

If you seek the most reliable rehabs in Memphis, Better Addiction Care is ready to assist you. We know that time and knowledge are essential when seeking the appropriate treatment, especially when dealing with a debilitating addiction condition. Our job is to assist addiction victims in finding the rehab center that best fits their medical and psychiatric profile.

Some of the aspects to consider when seeking the top rehab centers in Memphis, TN, include:

A full range of rehab programs

Each rehabilitation program comes with its unique specifics. For instance:

  • Medical detox - An essential procedure in most cases where people face severe addiction side effects, intense cravings, and dangerous withdrawal. The treatment consists of medication, therapy, counseling, and 24/7 supervision to help you overcome the withdrawal phase safely.
  • Inpatient treatment – An intensive form of rehab treatment, placing patients in a contained and comfortable living environment. It is perfect for addiction victims struggling with advanced addiction, requiring continuous supervision and assistance.
  • Outpatient programs – These may include semi-intensive or non-intensive rehab programs like PHP, IOP, and Outpatient Program. These recovery programs allow patients to return home every day after treatment, making them ideal for less severe addiction cases.
  • Sober living alternatives – Not all patients can return home immediately after completing the inpatient program. Some require prolonged support, which is why so many addiction treatment centers near me offer luxurious sober living programs.

Other programs to look for include MAT, dual diagnosis treatment, Alumni aftercare, etc.

A holistic approach to rehab

We tend to prioritize holistic centers for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Ensuring access to multiple healing procedures, both conventional and modern
  • Stressing the importance of recreation as part of the recovery process
  • Generally ensuring higher living standards with gourmet meals, gym workouts, outdoor sports, group recreational activities, etc.

Holistic healing refers to a complex recovery approach addressing the holy trifecta – mind, body, and spirit. It offers more treatment options, which means it can accommodate a lot more individuals and cases compared to conventional treating methods.

Dual diagnosis assistance

Dual diagnosis refers to treating addiction conditions and co-occurring mental disorders under the same roof. Many leading addiction treatment centers near me provide extensive dual diagnosis assistance, which makes them rank above those that don’t. Finding the finest Memphis rehab centers specializing in dual diagnosis treatment is essential to ensure optimal treatment for conditions like anxiety, OCD, bipolar, depression, etc.

Other factors may come into play when seeking the ideal rehab facilities, including the food, living conditions, amenities, the staff’s attitude, etc. Our job is to find the best rehabs in Memphis to make sure you receive optimal Memphis addiction and mental health treatment.

If you require immediate assistance with your addiction condition or mental health issues, we advise you to contact our team today at 800-429-7690. Better Addiction Care helps addiction victims find the treatment they need as soon as possible. You can verify your insurance today and discuss your rehab needs and goals with our helpline experts today.