Rehab Northern California

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Rehab Northern California

People suffering from substance abuse are growing in numbers. According to a study in 2017, almost 20 million were victims of substance abuse disorder. Are you or your love battling with drug abuse? Are you looking for rehabilitation? Free drug rehab centers are places that provide treatment and an environment to help you give up on drugs and bring the community on a better path.

Drug rehab programs in CA are evidence-based programs that are successful and help the patient and family to relieve the pain, desperation, and anguish. The heavenly center is one of these that offers low-cost addiction treatment in CA.



1) Safe And Positive Environment: A drug rehab provides a safe, inspiring, and peaceful environment that enables patients to be around people who are in the same boat.

2) Proper Schedule And Routine: Often the drug addicts have no proper routine and this causes more chances of indulgence in destructive activities. Therefore being at a rehab, following a strict routine filled with healthy activities deem you to be punctual and distracted.

3) Treatments And Therapy: Psychological therapy along with physical therapy are the most crucial steps in the recovery process. Rehab allows you to avail these services.

4) Medical Supervision: Under rehab, you're 24/7 monitored. Moreover, as you are monitored the withdrawal symptoms like discomfort and pain are also addressed and not neglected.

5) Health Programs: At a rehab, experts encourage more exercises and a healthy diet which was previously overlooked.

6) New Habits And Goals: Mostly drug addicts have lost meaning and purpose in their life make them feel more useless and depressed which further worsens the situation. Here at rehab new habits and purpose to life are inculcated.

7) Constant Support: At rehab, your confidence is boosted and you are encouraged to stay optimistic to face the situation and the world once you are out of the rehab.

Cons Of Rehab:

  • High cost than an outpatient program
  • Feeling of loneliness as you're away from friends and family
  • You have to take a break from work
  • Limited connection to the outside world.


Unlike others, we exclusively offer an outpatient program and lifestyle program.

Our outpatient program provides you flexibility as you don't have to stay at a rehab. You're able to talk to our therapist and devise a plan that works for you like how many times in a week you will go for therapy. This allows you to manage time around home and work.

Our program is not like others. We give you plenty of time to work and therefore you don't have to sacrifice your income putting less pressure on you and ultimately greater chances of healing.

Feeling you are near your friends and family is very essential for your well-being. Unlike others in which you're at a rehab away from everyone, it takes away the chance to live near your close one and further increases the level of discomfort.

At our center, you get the advantage to immediately implement what you have learned. During treatment, you learn new skills and ways like how to cope with the situation confidently. You can quickly see your success and tell the counselor if a problem arises.

Being the best drug rehab treatment in California, the heavenly center allows you to conduct individualized meetings to address your problem, and then we can devise a plan that fits right for you. Our staff is highly trained and unlike others, we practice evidence-based programs. To learn more about us contact

Rehab Northern California