Recovery Center Billing

Recovery Center Billing

Recovery center billing

For many recovery centers, filing insurance claims can be particularly frustrating. Time and again, the claims get delayed or rejected, sometimes due to genuine reasons and other times due to overzealousness on the part of the insurance company. The type of services you offer, the laws guiding billing and payment, and the need for pre-authorization in many cases put you and your practice at a disadvantage. However, you can level the playing field by outsourcing your recovery center's billing needs to an experienced and trusted provider.

What makes recovery center billing different?

The nature of the services the medical staff of billing centers provides is different from what obtains in other hospital settings. In regular hospitals, the patients and their insurance providers pay for specific procedures, drugs, or tests. In recovery centers, however, the patients pay for therapy, psychological evaluation, and medical management in cases where appropriate. The insurers get to set the rules about how much sessions they can pay for, how long the sessions can be, and for how many months the sessions can run.

All these could have an impact on the clinical decisions recovery centers have to make. To navigate these hurdles, you should hire recovery center billing experts that can serve as the middlemen between your practice, the patients, and the insurers.

Is it advisable to go cash only?

A lot of rehab centers consider adopting a cash-only policy due to the numerous problems that come up when transacting with insurance companies. The right decision for your practice would depend on many contingent factors. However, it's generally advisable to stay within the network of insurance companies and develop a good relationship with them. A lot of insurers have reasonable reimbursement rates alongside a smooth payment process, as long as you cross your t's and dot your i's.

Moreover, the Affordable Care Act has greatly expanded coverage for mental health services. Most of your clients would have a health insurance plan, and they'll be more comfortable if their insurer handled the bills. Also, they are more likely to become repeat clients if they do not have to pay out of pocket for every session.

In some cases, however, you might be better off without the back, and forth that happens when dealing with insurance companies. If your practice is in such a situation, you can consider switching to a cash-only model. For this to be effective, you'd need to lower your rates or adopt an income-based sliding scale. A competent recovery center billing company would be able to advise you as appropriate.

Contact a recovery center billing specialist

To optimize your practice's revenue flow, you need to pay adequate attention to the billing and revenue collection process. Hiring the experts that have the requisite knowledge and experience as members of your organization would cost you a fortune. The more reason why you should consider working with Medical Billing Connection. Get in touch with us today, and we'll be glad to let you know how we can help.