Outpatient rehab near me

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Outpatient rehab near me

If you google 'outpatient rehab near me,' you might be surprised by all of the results you find. Not only are there a lot of different outpatient rehabs to choose from, but there are also a lot of different outpatient rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction, skilled nursing, physical therapy, and much more. Promising Outlook is an outpatient rehab near Riverside, CA that specializes in addiction treatment, anger management, mental health services, and domestic violence prevention.  

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As you may already know, it is often the case that when one of these conditions is present, there are other conditions as well. For example, addiction and mental health are common co-occurring disorders. Likewise, where there are anger control issues, there tend to be higher rates of domestic violence. As you see, these are not random conditions that we treat. They are all tied together. Now, let's consider 5 reasons why you should attend outpatient rehab:

Reason #1: Outpatient Rehab Near You Can Provide You with the Structure and Accountability You Need

Following residential inpatient treatment, an outpatient drug program can provide you with an added layer of much-needed protection - a blanket of accountability and structure to keep you fighting strong in your recovery. Promising Outlook cares about the people who walk through our doors, and we will stop at nothing to help them recover so long as they are willing to do whatever it takes.

Reason #2: Outpatient Rehabilitation Can Give You a Respite from Your Home Environment

Most people will leave residential inpatient treatment and go home to the same environment that they left. Often, these environments are the only places that they have to go, and they are toxic, definitely not conducive to short-term or long-term recovery! Outpatient rehab in Riverside, CA can provide you with a respite every day or several times a week.

Reason #3: Outpatient Rehab Can Help You Connect with Like-Minded People

Don't let anyone lie to you; Recovery is NOT easy! Drawing on the strength and support of like-minded individuals can remind you that you are not in this alone and give you the strength to proceed in your battle.

Reason #4: Outpatient Gives You a Way to Track Your Progress in Recovery

By attending drug and mental health rehab outpatient rehab, you will be given awards for your accomplishments and celebrated when you make the right choices. Just like going to AA/NA allows you to track your progress in recovery by receiving chips for sobriety milestones, so too can outpatient provide you with the same.

Reason #5: Outpatient Can Help You Maximize Your Chances of Staying Sober without Relapsing

When used with residential inpatient treatment, sober living homes, and other community programs and resources, outpatient drug and alcohol rehab can give you the best possible chance to get clean and stay clean. At Promising Outlook, one of our biggest objectives is to end the revolving door of drug and alcohol rehab by giving people the resources they need to get sober and stay sober.


Outpatient rehab near me