Outpatient Rehab LA

Outpatient Rehab LA

Drug abuse has become a significant problem in American culture. The over-prescribing of opioid medicines has created an epidemic that has left many in the darkness of addiction. Drug addiction can cause serious health problems that are both physical and mental. There are a lot of misconceptions and even myths about drug addiction. Some people are still stuck in the past before more evidence regarding addiction was uncovered. Old wives tales about addiction still circulate even though science has debunked many of the myths about addiction. Addiction does not only hurt the person using drugs or alcohol. Addiction can ruin the lives of the people who are around the addict. Seeking treatment requires bravery. Stepping forward and admitting you have a problem takes guts.

Unknown Facts about Addiction

Addiction costs taxpayers roughly four hundred eighty-four thousand dollars a year. Addiction is one of the most widespread diseases in the country. Even though marijuana has been found to have medicinal properties, there are serious side effects associated with long term use. Side effects of marijuana use can include altered perceptions of reality, memory loss, and even learning issues. Most medications that people can become addicted to can be found right in your medicine cabinet. These medications are prescribed because the benefits often outweigh the risk of addiction.

Outpatient Rehab in LA

If you or someone you love need treatment for addiction, there is not a better place to contact than Los Angeles Outpatient. We have years of experience providing outpatient addiction therapies that have helped changed lives. Our team can help you through every step of the recovery process. You can guide you to the path of recovery. The first step is getting in touch with our team to learn how we can serve your needs. Each client has a personalized care plan that is adjusted to meet their individual needs. We offer family, group, and individual therapies so that we can help you deal with the root of your addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Those who suffer from mental illness along with substance or alcohol abuse will find our dual diagnosis program to be very beneficial. A dual diagnosis example could include substance abuse with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trauma and addiction often coincide. Our team can help you battle both disorders at the same time. We have the experience that you need working on your behalf. Some of the treatment methods used in our dual diagnosis program include cognitive behavioral therapy, social integration, and dialectical behavior therapy. These therapies have proven to be beneficial to many of our patients at Los Angeles Outpatient.

Anyone looking for outpatient rehab in LA should not delay in reaching out to our professional staff at Los Angeles Outpatient. We can help guide you out of the darkness of addiction and light the path that leads to the road to recovery. Our team is well seasoned in treating substance and alcohol abuse. Put your trust in us at Los Angeles Outpatient for a positive rehab experience.

Outpatient Rehab LA
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Outpatient Rehab LA
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