Outpatient Los Angeles

Outpatient Los Angeles

Drug and alcohol addiction is a severe affliction that society as a whole deal with. With the ease of accessibility, specifically in obtaining alcohol, addiction has soared.

Those seeking treatment have taken the essential first step of realizing that there is a problem in their life that needs addressing. The next vital step in the process is to find a rehabilitation center that best suits their needs and goals, and that will work with them through the entirety of the process to find the path to sobriety.

Outpatient LA is an outpatient recovery program.

When we think of traditional rehabilitation programs, we think of staying at a treatment center for an extended period of time, generally one to three months. But not everyone's life has that sort of flexibility where they can check themselves into a treatment center for that long.

That's why outpatient treatment programs exist. They provide flexibility to those who have family or career obligations and do not have the time to attend inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is the 24/7 facility mentioned above stay, where a medical and clinical team supports the individual.

What outpatient services does Outpatient LA offer?

Partial hospitalization or day treatment programs are very structured and typically meet five to seven days per week for six hours per day. The goal is to allow recovery to take place in an environment where the individual can transition back into healthy living. The program length varies and puts a heavy emphasis on life skills and relapse prevention.

There are also intensive outpatient programs which are less structured (three days a week, 2-4 hours per day). This is to allow those with career, family, or school obligations to continue with those obligations.

What type of therapy is offered by Outpatient LA?

We can work with a patient individually should that be deemed the best course of action. We also offer group therapy where patients can share experiences, helpful tips that aided in their sobriety or allow for a listening experience from those also suffering from addiction.

Outpatient LA also offers family therapy. This allows the family not only to let the individual know how their addiction has affected them but to help in the process of recovery.

We also provide trauma-informed therapy.

A trauma-informed approach recognizes that prior trauma may have played a part in the addiction being treated. This form of therapy recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma not only in the clients, but in families, staff, and anyone else involved in the system.

The key to handling a trauma-informed therapy is to be transparent and build trustworthiness, creating a safe environment for the client. We foster collaboration and mutuality as well as empowerment, voice, and choice. This should never feel forced; those suffering from prior traumas should feel that this therapy offers a safe environment to share and to build from that sharing.

Outpatient LA is committed to helping those suffering from addiction find the path to recovery through methods that are unique and specific to that patient's needs.

Outpatient Los Angeles
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Outpatient Los Angeles
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