Opioid Addiction Treatment Tinley Park IL

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The tendency in the United States has been to treat people with opioid addictions by sending them to traditional drug rehabs. What we are finding over and over again is that drug rehab alone doesn't work, although inpatient opioid treatment can help a person to stop using right now. Still, a person who is considering inpatient treatment for opioid addiction should make sure that the facilities that they are considering have a designated opioid treatment program and are capable of handling the needs of patients who face withdrawal.

Why is Drug Rehab Not Enough for People with Opioid Addictions?

Across the country, the statistics of relapse for opioid and all other substance abusers are dismal! For example, on average, between 82-87% of all people who graduate from a drug rehabilitation program will relapse within the first two years after finishing rehab. Of that 82%, between 75-90% of those will relapse within just 90 days upon being released from a drug rehab center!

Since these traditional forms of opioid treatment have not worked, we need to turn to evidence-based treatments instead. What is this evidence-based treatment? Evidence-based treatment is medication-assisted treatment. "But wait," one might wonder, "How could it ever be a good idea to put someone who is addicted to opioids on more drugs?"

Does Medication-Assisted Treatment Work for Opioid Addictions?

Yes, medication-assisted treatment works, but it's just one piece of a much larger treatment puzzle. One of the biggest problems in America is that we have had a lack of MAT providers for people who need them. That is why we have focused the bulk of our resources on innovating the highest quality of opioid addiction treatment in Tinley Park, IL. Brightside Clinic is unique in that it is inter-disciplinary. We use medication-assisted treatment like Suboxone because evidence shows that it works, but we also take a holistic approach towards the treatment of individuals with opioid addiction. In other words, rather than simply treating the addiction and its symptoms, we treat the whole person, including mind, body, and spirit.

By employing a team of physicians, behavioral therapists, addiction psychiatrists, support staff, and highly trained technicians, Brightside Clinic can administer meaningful opioid addiction treatment in Tinley Park, IL. Additionally, Brightside Clinic is well-established and reputed in our community. We partner with other agencies and treatment centers of all types to get our patients the treatment that they need when they need it. Overcoming the opioid epidemic is going to take a concerted effort, even on a local level.

Let Brightside Clinic Help You Take Your Life Back

Helping people get their lives back on track is what gives us the most gratification. Of course, Suboxone isn't the whole picture; It's just a small piece of the opioid addiction treatment puzzle! That is why Brightside Clinic offers individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Often, we help our patients to connect other resources in the community not only to get the additional treatment that they need but also to change residences, such as living in a sober living home. We can help people locate and take advantage of other resources as well.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Tinley Park IL