Malibu Addiction Center

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Medical detox treatment is the most efficient method of dealing with addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Our Malibu addiction center provides high-quality housing services and rehab procedures that will enable you to escape addiction. At ITTR, we strive to make you sober and dependence-free, so do not hesitate to come to us.

What is a rehab center?

A rehabilitation center is a place that aims to help you abandon addiction. Our techniques and procedures start with a medication-based treatment to combat your drug cravings. If you suffer from a dual diagnosis disorder, the medication we prescribe will also lessen the impact of your psychological issues. Moreover, our housing conditions will set your mind at ease and increase the treatment’s efficiency.

In a professional environment, we can administer quality treatment and keep you under constant supervision. This way, we can intervene at any time if your progress falters or if you risk relapsing. To prevent this, we use a holistic approach based on psychotherapy and CBT sessions that strengthens your mind and provides motivation.

Efficient rehab treatment

For standard drug addictions, we prescribe medication such as methadone or buprenorphine to combat your body’s stringent need for a specific substance. Methadone, for instance, acts as a “joy killer,” inhibiting the euphoric feelings you receive from consuming a certain drug or alcohol. This makes you less likely to relapse in the future.

We certainly don’t believe in a “one size fits all” principle because addiction differs from person to person. There are different levels of severity, various substances that trigger addiction, and potential mental issues that increase the difficulty of the treatment. Therefore, we adapt our schedules and programs on a patient’s condition and circumstances. That way, we make sure to reach as many patients as possible

Inpatient rehab treatment

We have many housing programs you can choose from, and the inpatient rehab schedule is the basic one. Through it, we hospitalize you within our Malibu addiction center, put you under 24/7 surveillance, and provide you with full clinical support along the way. Our living conditions focus on making you comfortable and relaxing your mind so that you find the motivation to progress.

Upon request, we can immediately change your housing program to a residential one, increasing the comfort to a luxurious level. Moreover, our residential patients have access to personalized psychotherapeutic treatment. Most importantly, you don’t have access to any temptations or distractions, so you can focus 100% on combating addiction.

What is the treatment for drug addiction?

The treatment for drug addiction varies from patient to patient. At our Malibu addiction center, we embrace a flexible and customizable treatment for our patients. This means that someone with mild withdrawal symptoms and a light form of addiction requires a less intense treatment than a long-term addict with severe mental issues.

At ITTR, we promote professionalism, medical responsibility, and integrity. We always care for our patients above and beyond what they expect of us because addiction is a complicated diagnosis. Moreover, people who suffer from substance abuse need a quiet and welcoming environment to regain their stability.