Long Term Addiction Treatment Centers

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To leave your addiction behind, you need urgent professional assistance. We invite you to our long-term addiction treatment centers, at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, for immediate clinical assessment, diagnosis, and rehab treatment.

How to cope with addiction?

There is no way of coping with your addiction on your own. Whether you have developed a drug addiction or fallen victim to alcoholism, the outcome is always the same – a slow, but inevitable, degradation of your physical, mental, and emotional composure. Substance addiction can become a debilitating disorder, in its more advanced stages, causing psychological impairment, personal and professional problems, and even legal issues.

Attempting self-detox is not only ineffective but dangerous as well, as you risk complications along the way. We advise you to leave it to the experts! At our center, we offer:

  • Extensive diagnosis and preliminary assessment
  • Guided intervention sessions
  • Medical detoxification and medication-assisted treatment
  • Dual-diagnosis medication and therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Social reintegration support
  • Life coaching and coping skills
  • Relapse prevention strategies and aftercare support, etc.

How to help someone with addiction?

The only way to help them is by convincing them to enter rehab. In most cases, however, you won’t be able to do it yourself. Most addicts will display a defensive behavior when trying to confront them, resorting to denial, blaming others, victimizing themselves, etc. It is a standard type of manipulative behavior among victims of addiction, due to how the disorder changes their thinking and mental state.

To fix that, we can help you stage an intervention as soon as possible. During the intervention, our professional will guide the discussion between you and the addict, aiming to highlight the benefits of detox and sobriety. The purpose of the intervention is to get the addict to come to our long-term addiction treatment centers soon before their condition degrades any further.

How do interventions work?

The intervention is a process during which you will confront your loved one about their addiction. It consists of open, honest discussion, rehab planning, and reasoning with the victim, and you need to have an expert present on site, to ensure the success of the procedure. Most addicts will resort to manipulative behavior during the intervention, and they may display feelings of anger, betrayal, and disappointment.

It is vital not to give in to your emotions, and hold your ground both during the intervention and afterward. It will be for their own good, as it will convince them that there is no turning back. They will need to enter the rehab, if not for them, then for the sake of the people they love and respect.

The benefits of early rehab treatment

We urge everyone dealing with addiction to seek medical assistance fast! The sooner you join the rehab, the faster you will recover, and the easier it will be to remain sober over the years. Contact us today, and come to our long-term addiction treatment centers for diagnosis and treatment planning!

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center ranks among the leading facilities in the industry. For details about insurance and service coverage, contact our team today!

Long Term Addiction Treatment Centers
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