halfway house Thousand Oaks

halfway house Thousand Oaks

Aftercare has shown to be highly effective for people in recovery who may be vulnerable to triggers. Even after learning the skills, you need to abstain in a drug and alcohol rehab; you might not still feel comfortable reintegrating into society immediately. For this reason, a halfway house in Thousand Oaks can provide the perfect aftercare program once you’re out of a drug rehab center. At Bloom Recovery, the goal of our sober living homes is to provide a bridge between rehab and returning home. This helps bring back structure into the lives of our residents, something that many people with addictions lose as alcohol or drugs take hold of their lives.

What It’s Like and What to Expect When You Receive Treatment in Our Halfway House

Our halfway houses are suitable for young men between the ages of 18 to 30. We offer residents the resources and tools they need to lead fulfilling, healthy, substance-free lives, including treatment referrals, counseling, and outpatient placement.

In addition to rebuilding the structure in our residents’ lives, our program introduces individuals in recovery to other people for increased support. We also have cooking classes and 12-step meetings. Below is a closer look at what to expect from our halfway house:

Support and Guidance

During the early recovery stages, you need all the guidance and support you can get. Our sober living home provides a strong sense of accountability from our onsite managers and residents. And if you need any kind of advice, for instance, how to apply for jobs or resist temptations, someone will be available to help you.

Form Meaningful, Lasting Bonds

Often, attaining sobriety means cutting ties with bad company that triggered or supported your addiction. However, in recovery, you stand to benefit more and stay committed to remaining sober by forging meaningful relationships with people on a similar journey. In our sober living home, you won’t feel lonely or isolated as you slowly ease into everyday living. You’ll make friends with other men in recovery who understand what life is like after addiction, and such strong bonds can last even after leaving our halfway house.

Smooth Transition to Your Normal Life

Recovery isn't a one-and-done process but rather a lifelong journey. It requires a consistent commitment to abstaining from alcohol or drugs and living a sober life. Our halfway house allows you to transition smoothly from rehab and reintegrate into your community without feeling overwhelmed.

Independent Living

Living in our halfway house will enable you to be independent but in a safe and healthy environment with lots of help to ensure sustained sobriety and away from triggers and stressors.

Setting You Firmly on the Path to Recovery

As a successful halfway house in Thousand Oaks, we work hard to get our clients on the road to lasting recovery. Our home provides beautiful accommodations for men seeking a sober and safe living environment around others in recovery. We provide daily community support, structure, and personal accountability essential in helping you stay sober after completing your addiction treatment program. Contact us for treatment: https://bloomhouserecovery.com/contact-us/.

halfway house Thousand Oaks
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halfway house Thousand Oaks
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