Drug Rehab In New Jersey

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Drug Rehab In New Jersey

Drug Rehab in New Jersey

If you found this page while looking for drug rehab in New Jersey, we commend your decision to make your life better. We're not located in the Garden State, but we do offer effective detox and recovery programs that work for anyone from anywhere.

Situated in beautiful Los Angeles, California, Renewal Recovery provides inpatient and outpatient addiction therapy to treat a number of conditions, including alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Many of our clients come to us with dual diagnoses of addiction plus one or more mental health conditions. No matter the reason a guest checks in, the staff at Renewal Recovery is prepared to offer one-on-one care in a lovely and relaxing facility. No, we're not drug rehab in New Jersey, but those who've found their way back to a productive life with our help say that it was worth the travel time to clean up their act and reclaim happiness.

Therapies available at Renewal Recovery include peer group meetings, individual counseling, holistic options and mindful meditation. Art and music therapy, massage therapy and professional psychiatry help people heal. Guests at drug rehab in New Jersey may find clinics that offer similar services. 12-step meetings and SMART Recovery classes are a great way to meet others who share your dedication to getting well. In addition to clinical programs, guests at Renewal Recovery are invited to participate in surfing lessons, yoga classes, health club activities, horseback riding, swimming and meditative hikes around our exceptional Southern California property.

After-care that works

Our aftercare programs are based on three imperative principles: accountability, productivity and community. Those who believe they would benefit from long-term sober living in a free albeit supervised situation would do themselves a fine favor when they call to talk to a Renewal Recovery counselor about why we are the ideal alternative to drug rehab in New Jersey. We might even be able to help you find a job in Los Angeles, if you're interesting in making a move to the west coast.

Nicer than many a drug rehab in New Jersey

Okay. We are simply going to say that drug rehab in New Jersey can work, but our approach to lifelong sobriety seems to work better for many people. We offer effective therapies in a gorgeous setting with amenities not always available at New Jersey drug rehab centers. At our 50-bed facility, staff to patient ratio is a remarkable 3:1. If personalized care is what you seek you'll find it at 6418 Lankershim Blvd. in Los Angeles, California.

How you got addicted in the first place

Does it matter which path led you to addiction? Maybe. In counseling, you can learn the roots of your addictive behavior and be enabled with spiritual and emotional tools to help you avoid such self destructive action in the future. Some clients come to us because they became dependent on strong prescription painkillers. Others finally “hit rock bottom” and made the wise decision to seek help. When you are ready to know more, please call Renewal Recovery Solutions at 888.226.7413

Drug Rehab In New Jersey