Drug Detox Nyc

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Drug Detox Nyc

Legacy Healing Center offers detox services to addiction victims struggling with a variety of substances, including alcohol, amphetamine, benzos, opioids, crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, etc. Our drug detox in NYC functions according to the highest quality and safety standards, providing patients with impeccable services and long-term results.

Alcohol addiction requires detox

In many aspects, alcoholism is more dangerous and damaging than drug addiction, even simply because alcohol is legal and widespread. In many situations, people aren’t even aware of their addiction until it’s already in advanced stages. For this reason, almost all instances of alcohol addiction require some form of detox in a secure and controlled setting.

At our facility, we perform customized detox from alcohol, allowing patients to:

  • Overcome the withdrawal safely
  • Control their cravings
  • Regain their physical and mental composure
  • Temper their behavior
  • Regain their strengths and emotional stability
  • Cleanse their bodies of toxins, etc.

The detox phase will eliminate the alcohol components from your system, allowing you to recover faster and remain sober throughout the treatment. While detox alone isn’t enough to guarantee long-term sobriety, it is a critical part of the process, next to therapy, counseling, and specific rehab procedures.

Is alcohol detox safe?

When taking place in a certified facility, under the guidance of qualified clinicians, yes, alcohol detox is safe. The problem is that many people believe detox to be a straightforward process and attempt it on their own, without any qualifications, knowledge, or safety nets. This way, they subject themselves to significant health hazards since medication-based detox can lead to drug interactions, overdoses, and even new addictions.

Furthermore, self-detox isn’t guaranteed to offer long-term results, primarily because it’s not enough to combat addiction effectively. For that, you need therapy programs, dual diagnosis assistance, counseling, and guidance in addition to customized medication plans for managing co-occurring disorders. Our program for detox in Long Island is a safe and effective procedure, providing comfort, safety, and effectiveness in combating withdrawal and relapse.

When to begin the drug detox process?

Our advice is – as fast as possible. Whether you need drug or alcohol rehab, it’s in your best interest to begin the detox treatment soon. Addiction is a progressive and chronic disease. It will worsen fast, many times before you even realize the danger, and by that time, the treatment will be considerably more difficult. To overcome the withdrawal fast and with as little discomfort as possible, we recommend early detox at our drug and alcohol detoxification center.

Our drug detox in NYC will allow you to prepare for the residential treatment after overcoming the withdrawal and find the strength to withstand cravings and relapse. With our help and guidance, you will come out as a new person – one with new goals and a better future ahead.

Contact Legacy Healing Center at 1-888-534-2295, and let’s discuss your treatment options! You can speak to a counselor, find out more about your insurance coverage, and set a date for an in-depth talk and assessment at our center.

Drug Detox Nyc