drug addiction treatment Texas

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Stonegate Center is a top-rated center for drug addiction treatment in Texas. We follow a faith-based approach to addressing addiction and the co-occurring mental disorders in individuals. With high-end amenities like fitness rooms, a swimming pool, game room, and wrap-around porch with chairs, we are one of the finest rehabs in Texas with affordable treatment programs.

Top reasons to choose us for addiction treatment

We are a licensed team of dedicated clinical staff and therapists with a highly effective faith-based treatment program for alcoholism and substance use disorders. Here is a list of reasons for why you should choose us for recovery:

  • Ambiance and accommodation - We offer the best accommodation and living arrangements for all our rehab patients to ensure that they enjoy the highest level of comfort during treatment. Our facility offers the perfect ambiance to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul of recovering addicts.
  • Modern amenities - We are a high-end facility with modern amenities such as large-screen TVs, fitness rooms, swimming pool, game room, wrap-around porch with chairs, and nutritious meals by in-house professional chefs. All our residents have access to luxurious bedrooms and laundry room.
  • Licensing and experience - We are a JCAHO accredited addiction treatment center with a team of highly educated and experienced staff and therapists.

By creating a sense of community, accountability, and fellowship in patients, we address the core issues in individuals, such as shame, anger, and trauma. We use therapies like equine, 12-step programs, nutrition therapy, etc., as a part of our drug addiction treatment in Texas to steer patients towards sobriety.

Role of a medical detox program in recovery

It helps eliminate the toxic remains from the body of recovering addicts caused by long-term substance abuse. It reduces the severity of physical and psychiatric withdrawal symptoms in patients and helps them attain a safe and speedy recovery.

Medical detox prepares the mind and body of recovering addicts for the rehab therapies and programs that are to follow after detox. It also helps restore the chemical imbalances in the brain to its pre-addictive state.

Types of treatment and programs at a Christian drug rehab                        

The treatment and therapies offered at a Christian rehab center are similar to that of non-denominational addiction programs. In addition to using evidence-based clinical methods, we also help patients rehabilitate spiritually. Most of our programs aim to either establish or restore an individual's faith and relationship with God. Some of the faith-based therapies that we use in addiction treatment include:

  • Sessions of Bible study and scripture readings
  • Faith-based 12-step programs and support groups
  • Christian faith-based sermons that discuss addiction
  • Daily prayer meetings and reflection sessions
  • Ministerial and pastoral counseling

By using a combination of spiritual teachings and awareness along with traditional addiction treatment and programs, we help patients attain a holistic recovery along with a clearer conscience. Break-free from the chains of addiction and get a fresh start, call Stonegate Center at (817) 993-9733 today. Alternatively, you can also visit https://stonegatecenter.com/contact-us/ for details on our admission process, prices, and drug addiction treatment in Texas.

drug addiction treatment Texas
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drug addiction treatment Texas
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