Divorce Recovery Retreat

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One of the most drastic issues that most people go through after a divorce is acceptance. At Radiant Balance Retreats, we coach our retreat attendees to accept their divorce and nurture them to move on. Our divorce recovery retreat acts as a bridge to a better tomorrow.

Things to avoid during a divorce

You can feel like a complete mess by the end of your divorce. But it is normal to feel emotionally distorted after a divorce. However, you must refrain from doing something stupid that will get you into more trouble. These are several things to avoid following a divorce:

  • Do not rush into a relationship or even casual dating as yet
  • Don't talk ill of your partner or share the bitter experiences of your marriage to your children
  • Do not choose isolation or seclusion instead surround yourself with family and good friends

There are wellness counselors and psychiatrists to help you channelize your negative emotions in healthy ways. Our divorce recovery retreat acts as a catharsis to help recently divorced men and women to conquer their emotional trauma and to come out stronger than ever.

How do you survive the pain of divorce?

It can be tough to process the loss of a relationship that meant everything to you once. But the best way to handle anything in life is by rationally analyzing the issue and validating your decision with logical reasoning. There was probably a reason as to why your marriage ended, try to recollect those reasons. Sometimes a divorce could be the best solution considering the wellbeing of you, your partner, and your children.

At the end of the day, you should want the best for your children and the person you once loved. If your divorce is the best way for you and your partner to have a happier and healthier future, then you probably shouldn’t lament over it. To overcome pain, try to involve in things that draw your interest and excites you. Be appreciative of the things that you have than grieving over what you don't have. 

When should you start dating after divorce?

First off, give yourself the time and space to heal and recover from a failed marriage. There is no such thing called a "pre-determined" time frame as to when you can start dating again. But it could do you plenty of good, to wait for at least six months up to a year before you get back on the dating game.

More importantly, overcome your fear of commitment before you start dating again. As a recently divorced man or woman, a determination can daunt you more than anything else. But sooner or later, you must get over it and have an open-minded approach towards relationships for dating to work.

Don’t let a divorce hold you back. Enroll yourself for a divorce recovery retreat to equip yourself with effective coping mechanisms to overcome painful memories. Call Radiant Balance Retreats for more details on our retreats. 

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