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Not many people know that only a handful of the victims of substance addiction join in a rehabilitation program. The reason for that, in many cases, is that people tend to self-treat their problems. At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we’re here to tell you that the detoxification process works differently than you imagine. And we’re also here to tell you that you need urgent help.

Our Arizona detox treatment relies on several key phases:

Investigation and assessment

We need to determine your condition before creating the treatment. The diagnosis process relies on clarifying many aspects, including things like:

  • Your clinical history
  • Mental status
  • The symptoms you experience
  • The duration of the addiction
  • Your behavioral and emotional composure, etc.

We are very strict in this sense since it’s a vital part of the rehabilitation process. With all the necessary info in hand, we can then proceed to build a personalized, effective treatment.

Physiological detoxification

As soon as we complete the diagnosis process, the next step involves clinical detox. During this stage, our experts will build a medication plan focused on addressing the symptoms of withdrawal, as well as those related to any co-occurring disorders. We don’t use the clinical detox treatment as a temporary tool, but one that will deliver long-lasting benefits.

The detoxification plan is perfect for fighting psychological problems like anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, erratic behavior, panic attacks, etc. These are common symptoms that many of our patients struggle with upon arrival.

Mental and emotional recovery

The Arizona detox program involves emotional and spiritual rejuvenation procedures that will bring numerous benefits along the line. We’ll teach you how to relate to other people, share your story with others, empathize and socialize easier, and become part of our growing family.

This strategy will serve you well when completing the treatment and rejoining your social life. To achieve that goal, we use group therapies, family counseling, holistic activities, and other methods we might deem necessary and effective.

Relapse prevention and aftercare planning

The notion of relapse prevention refers to a variety of procedures that will help you regain control over your behavior. You need to be able to maintain your sobriety once completing the rehab treatment, and that’s not always an easy thing to do.

No matter how sophisticated and effective the rehabilitation process is, you can always relapse if you don’t have a robust set of values to refer to. This is where education comes in. We will help you understand the actions of your consequences, teach you how to control your cravings, and become independent, stronger, and more confident.

These procedures represent the foundation of our Arizona detox treatment, showing why our programs are so successful. If you have problems finding something that’s genuinely effective, contact us today!

A life drowned in substance abuse and addiction is not worth living. We, the team at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, are your friends. We want to help you, but we can’t do it without your permission. Contact us, and let’s find a solution together!

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Arizona detox
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