Alcohol recovery programs

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Alcohol recovery programs

Royal Life Centers offers highly effective evidence-based alcohol recovery programs at budget-friendly prices. An alcohol rehab treatment can set you up for sustainable success with sobriety fast. Here are the top benefits of our alcohol recovery programs:

1. Focus on the underlying cause of addiction

As a leading addiction treatment center for alcoholism, we go to great lengths to help our patients attain a safe, speedy, and comprehensive recovery from addiction. We use a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies in 1-on-1 counseling sessions and group settings to identify the underlying causes of addiction and address them appropriately. Failing to treat the underlying mental health problems can also increase the risk of relapse in the long run. By addressing the co-occurring mental health issues, we prepare our patients for sustainable sobriety long after leaving our rehab facilities.

2. Evidence-based therapies

We use evidence-based psychotherapies and scientifically proven behavioral programs to treat dual diagnosis. We use equine therapy, adventure therapy, activity therapy, and individual and group therapy to help recovering addicts develop critical coping mechanisms, breathing exercises, and stress-management skills. Our highly experienced team of mental health experts conduct evidence-based treatment sessions with our patients to ensure a successful and lasting recovery.

3. Family house

Unlike other drug treatment centers, we do not like to devoid our patients from contact with the outside world during residential treatment. We are the only addiction treatment program to allow patients to invite their family members or loved ones to stay with them during their rehab treatment. Our family house is completely free of charge and offers patients the opportunity to invite their loved ones to stay with them for up to a week. Our family house allows recovering addicts to overcome addiction in the love, support, and encouragement of their loved ones and eliminates homesickness which may impact their ability to recover and heal faster.

4. A dedicated staff team and modern amenities

We have an incredible staff team creating a home-like environment for our guests and playing an integral role in their recovery journey. Our clinical team works relentlessly to ensure a safe, pain-free, and sustainable recovery for our patients. By offering around-the-clock medical care, they also work closely with each patient in rehab and monitor their progress to treatments and therapies.

As one of the pioneer addiction rehab centers, we offer the best amenities to help our patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their leisure. From flat-screen TVs and dish network to planned outdoor activities twice a week, we ensure that our residents have the best time during treatment.

5. Comprehensive addiction treatment

Unlike other treatment centers, we follow an integrated addiction rehab process involving medical detox, residential treatment, evidence-based behavioral therapies, and support services. We offer customized treatment programs to address each patient's unique addiction circumstance.

Your search for the best addiction treatment near me ends here; call 877-732-6837 for more details on admissions at Royal Life Centers. We are a premier rehab center with the best alcohol recovery programs and a dedicated staff team. Embark on a liberating voyage towards recovery with the #1 rehab in the country.

Alcohol recovery programs