Alcohol Interventionist Philadelphia

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Alcohol Interventionist Philadelphia

Just because a substance is legal doesn't necessarily mean one can not suffer from an addiction to it. That is what makes alcohol such a pernicious substance. Let the team at Addiction Treatment Group help you and your family stage an intervention. We are a group of top-ranked alcohol interventionist in Philadelphia.

Statistics on alcoholism

Since alcohol is legal, abusing it is not always taken as seriously as it should. This is still a substance that harms people and families every year. If you question the necessity of intervention for your loved one, please consider these statistics.

  • According to the CDC, alcohol-related illnesses kill 88,000 each year, second only to tobacco.
  • Alcohol affects the entire body. It has a profound effect on the liver and pancreas.
  • Alcohol-impaired driving accounts for 30% of all driving fatalities.
  • Over 15 million people struggle with alcohol issues, but less than 8% receive help for those issues.

If you felt unsure about staging an intervention for your loved one, please don’t. Alcoholism is a danger to their health, and these statistics prove it. Don’t be scared to get them help for a drug that is legal.

Challenges in alcohol-related interventions

While the process for staging an intervention for an alcoholic is no different than any other substance, the attitudes of society view alcoholics quite different from other substance abusers. Alcohol is quite prevalent in society and accepted by most people. This makes confronting the problem even more difficult.

Since alcohol is more acceptable, this also leads to more enabling behaviors from family members. For this substance, it is not uncommon for loved ones to make excuses for a person’s level of intoxication or inability to function. They pass off drinking as “just having fun” or part of a person's personality.

Why use a professional interventionist?

A professional interventionist helps when family members confront a loved one suffering from any type of substance abuse problem. When dealing with alcohol, their role becomes even more substantial.

Leading up to the intervention, an alcohol interventionist in Philadelphia will work with the family members who want the intervention and decide who will be at the meeting. It is possible that during this process, the interventionist will encounter family members who question the need for this meeting. The job of the interventionist will be to work with them and help them break through their own denial about the situation.

Success rates for interventions

At this time, no studies exist to show the success rates of interventions. The closest “statistic” available comes from the tv show Intervention. That show boosts a 71% success rate at getting the addict to accept the offer of help from their family. This may or may not apply to the population at large. There is also no way to see if these addicts experience success in staying sober after leaving rehab.

Let the trained professional at Addiction Treatment Group help you and your family. We are a top-ranked alcohol interventionist in Philadelphia.

Alcohol Interventionist Philadelphia
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