Addiction Treatment Ottawa Ontario

Addiction Treatment Ottawa Ontario

A life spent struggling with addiction is not one worth living. If you, or anyone you love, face this problem every day, it’s time to come to Valiant Recovery and join our addiction treatment in Ottawa, Ontario.

How to get help with addiction?

Contact our team of experts is your best chance of defeating the disease once and for all. If you need urgent help, you need to look deep into your soul and become honest with yourself. It is this honesty that will pull the veil of denial off of your eyes and reveal the ugly truth – you can no longer control the situation. Both drug addiction and alcoholism are incredibly destructive chronic disorders that will progress fast, ruining your life, family, hopes, and dreams.

We can help you leave this nightmare behind you, as you join one of the most effective rehab treatments in the country. At our center, we offer medical treatment, psychotherapy, dual-diagnosis support, and aftercare, ensuring a lifetime of sobriety and freedom. If instead, you seek help for a family member dealing with substance abuse and addiction, call us today, and we will prepare for staging an intervention asap!

What is an addiction intervention?

The intervention is a planned event which allows you to confront the addict, in the presence of one of our expert interventionists. Prior to the process, you will write down everything you’d like the addict to know, including how their problem has impacted you as well. You need to make your intentions clear and withdraw your support if they refuse the treatment.

Staging an intervention is vital in preparation for the addiction treatment in Ottawa, Ontario, but it’s also a risky endeavor. The addicts usually become defensive during the process, nurturing feelings of resentment and anger, as they will see your actions as proof of betrayal. It is imperative to have one of our experts present on-site to calm the situation and steer the discussion in the right direction.

Is rehab effective?

The rehabilitation treatment represents a critical step in your fight for long-term sobriety, and it is highly effective when done correctly. For the success of the procedure, it is vital to find a trustworthy facility, which offers comprehensive treatment and therapy support. If all goes well, the rehab will count for a once-in-a-lifetime experience which will teach you a lot about yourself and the world you live in.

During the rehab, you will be able to find the inner strength you need to overcome the withdrawal and start building a new life, brick by brick. We will guide your steps along the way, making sure you remain focused on your goals. Our addiction treatment in Ottawa, Ontario includes long-term aftercare and family support, as part of a highly effective relapse prevention strategy.

At Valiant Recovery, we help people rediscover their true potential as they regain their freedom, hope, and happiness. This is your chance of escaping addiction and begin your journey towards a brighter future. Contact us, verify your insurance, and make an appointment as soon as possible!

Addiction Treatment Ottawa Ontario
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Addiction Treatment Ottawa Ontario
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