Addiction Treatment Massachusetts

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The Riverbank House is one of the leading rehabs that offer affordable addiction treatment in Massachusetts. Our treatment programs are custom developed to address each individual's needs in treatment. 

What is it like living in a halfway house?

After completion of an inpatient or intensive outpatient rehab program, some may need a little help with the transition to the outside world. Halfway house is another stage of treatment for those that find getting back to normal routine overwhelming.

Many don't have a supportive family waiting for them or a strong support system after rehab. To protect such patients from relapse, some rehab facilities offer an arrangement called halfway house. A halfway house is also called a sober living home and acts as a transitional temporary living facility for recovering addicts. Sober living homes offer a serene and trigger free environment for those who are just out of long term rehab treatment.

The period of stay generally ranges from 3 - 12 months. Inmates are recommended to use this time to get back on their feet, find a steady income job, and develop a healthy support system around them. We offer long term addiction treatment in Massachusetts at affordable prices. Reach out to us today for assessment and treatment. 

Does healthcare cover sober living?

Sober living homes require housemates to pay monthly rent which becomes a major challenge for most recovering addicts. Some insurances offer partial coverage for sober living homes; however, the percentage of coverage is generally low.

Drug/Alcohol addiction treatment falls under "essential service" under the Affordable Care Act. As a rule of thumb, insurances must offer coverage for all preventative efforts and treatment related to drug abuse. However, most insurance providers provide coverage only for the least expensive rehab treatment option and rarely release funds for intensive addiction treatment and care.

If you can present medical evidence to validate your stay in a sober living home, an insurance provider may provide partial coverage for the cost of the stay. Visit our rehab facility in Massachusetts, where we offer addiction treatment in a residential facility-like setting. Call us for a rehab tour.

Preparing for rehab

Once you decide to join rehab, firstly make sure to apply for medical leave to your employer. Assign someone you trust to overlook your family commitments while you are away. If you have children, pets, or elderly parents, make sure to arrange some kind of temporary care for them during your absence. Lastly, carry only the essentials to the rehab facility, and we recommend our inmates to carry a journal with them. This way, they can document their experiences, thoughts, and treatment progress on a day to day basis. For more information on what to carry for your rehab treatment, reach out to our admissions officer.

We offer medical detox, counseling, group sessions, and effective psychotherapies as a part of our addiction treatment in Massachusetts. The River Bank house acts is a haven for individuals with dual diagnosis and other addiction-related ailments. Call us today for admissions.

Addiction Treatment Massachusetts
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Addiction Treatment Massachusetts
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